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6 months industrial training in Chandigarh

Industrial training is a golden opportunity for students to get expertise from Industry specialists. The students can choose courses of their choice which will aid in career building.

TCIL-IT Chandigarh offers some of the extensive 6 month training programs which are exhaustive in catering for the requirements of students. These courses are decisive and act as a turning point in your life. Students acquiring some of the degrees like MCA/M.Sc IT. BCA and B.Tech(CSE/IT/ECE) requires these types of Industrial courses to meet the requirements of job interviews. These courses are the borderline between selection and rejection. The six months courses offer benefits to both the students and the companies. Six months courses are usually long term courses consisting of a complete language package. During the interviews preference is given to students who have undergone long term courses because the interviewer assumes that with very little on job training the candidate can be assigned with tasks.

If you are located in North India then TCIL-IT, Chandigarh is the company which you have to come to get your dream of becoming an IT professional fulfilled.

The excellent training facilities, training labs and faculties at TCIL-Chandigarh make a striking difference. The faculties are committed to ensure each student gets success in his future endeavors. The company provides six months full time courses on JAVA, .Net, Oracle 9i/10g, Mobile Application development and PHP apart from company also providing training in PLC Automation, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Telecommunication and Networking. The training and guidance imparted at the company perfectly simulates the activities of the workplace. The projects which are being developed by the students lay special emphasis on the career requirements. The company leaves no stones unturned in transforming a student to a professional IT specialist. It updates itself with the latest trends and happenings in the IT and telecom sector to keep abreast with the requirements of the Industry.

So if you are planning to undergo six months professional course in any of the IT and telecom field, do enroll yourself with TCIL-IT Chandigarh. You will appreciate your decision life long as we assure you a career of growth and success. Join us and let our staff look after your upbringing to gift you a bright career.