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Best industrial training in Chandigarh

As per a recent report released by the national employability in the country, approximately 50% of the students who complete a course do not get employed in a place of their choice or desired job. This has been mainly due to poor selection of companies for undergoing various courses. Students often fall prey to companies that offer discounts and provide courses at a lesser fee.

There are numerous IT students who have commenced some course or the other with an aim to become professionals in the field, but finally end up as a BPO employee or basic computer operator. The students possess adequate certificates and degrees but they do not have the knowledge level which can be utilized for the practical jobs. The best example is students may have completed the course in programming but may not be competent to write them and run them when asked for.

The industrial job interviews mainly involve highly experienced technical members in the field of IT. They select the students who can fit to the basic requirement of job with minimum on job training. But it remains really surprising that many of the interviews fail to select a single member. In some other cases when the companies desire to cut down their strength it is the incompetent who gets axed. Such people are forced to undertake petty jobs and begin a fresh career in some other field wasting several years.

All these issues are directly indicative of the wrong companies which students select for undergoing IT training. The aim of any company which imparts technical, IT and telecom training should be to prepare a student to get an employment and sustain the difficulties faced during the job process. These difficulties faced by the students have been aptly realized by TCIL-IT, Chandigarh, which is a well accepted company dealing with IT and telecom training in northern region.

The company has vast experience in producing employable technically skilled students who get though interviews with ease and have proved themselves in larger platforms. The course is carefully developed by industry experts to enable the students to be placed in high positions.