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Six weeks industrial training in Chandigarh

The transition period between a student’s life and professional life is full of confusion for the students. This is the stage which determines the career of the student. It is during this phase the student requires to undergo at least a six weeks professional industrial training to have a smooth sailing in the career front.

The rapid expansion of the mobile technology, IT sector and telecom sector has opened new avenues for the prospective students. However, there is a tough competition and only students with excellent skill sets can emerge successful. The six weeks Industrial training is a magic spell which will help the students better understand the concept of Industry and its working phenomenon.

The students are stuffed with continuous theoretical knowledge during their three to four years long graduate course without much of a practical exposure. It is this six weeks professional course which helps them to easily get through the interviews and perform well in their career.

There are various companies offering industrial training. However, TCIL-IT, Chandigarh is a well known Industrial and IT training company. The most interesting and beneficial aspect is the chance to work with Industry specialists. At TCIL-IT we invite big officials working in popular IT companies to deliver guest lectures and share their views on the present trend. These lectures are motivating and help the students to understand the specific requirements of a company. The views shared by these stalwarts help the students prepared for the interviews with ease.

Chandigarh is a city of opportunity and very near to the national capital Delhi which is again employment hub for IT professionals. TCIL-IT, Chandigarh clearly understands the requirements of the students and their aim in life. The courses in the company are specially designed and developed to make the students attending the course gain a professional experience. The vast amount of lab hours and guidance of highly talented faculty proves as a blessing for the students. Apart from the Industrial IT experience, the students are also exposed to personality development and communication skill classes. The company conducts regular classes in JAVA, PHP, Mobile application development and Oracle.