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Telecom Training in Chandigarh

CDMA,GSM,2G,3G,Exchange,DTH,WIMAX,Wi-Fi, VOIP and IP.

Telecommunication is the communication at distance using technological means through electrical signals. The technologies used in telecom include telephone, telegraph, internet, networks, radio and many more. The telecom industry has seen a remarkable growth in India and abroad in the recent years and this is not only because of the advancement of technology but also because there is a need of technology for the purpose of communication in every business. Several media outlets are dependent on telecommunication and hence there is a sharp growth in this industry. It is a must for students pursuing education with the aim of moving ahead in this field to have complete knowledge about all aspects and concepts related to this technology.

TCIL-IT Chandigarh provides the best platform that is needed to acquire high level of knowledge as well as experience in this field. This is a certified company in Chandigarh that is well known for its years of experience and commitment towards providing industrial training in the field of telecom and IT. Technology is developing rapidly and hence we understand the importance of incorporating latest modules or concepts in the training program to enable our candidates to stay updated about the latest technologies.

Professionals in our team have a lot of industry experience and hence they are well aware of the type of knowledge or skills that are required to be at good positions in the industry. This experience is shared with all the candidates, giving them an upper hand in the industry.

TCIL-IT Chandigarh follows an international level pathway and provides certification that is valued at such levels. All advanced technologies and latest modules are used in our training program and this can be clearly seen in our training schedule.

So, you can select the course of your choice and join our training program. We assure you that world class technologies are used to provide quality telecom training in Chandigarh in order to enable you to achieve top ranking positions in your professional life.


Course Content
  • Fundamental of Telecom Technology
  • Basic Electronics for Telecom Technology
  • Principles of Networking and Digital Telecom
  • Broadband Communiction Network
  • Network Switching and Transmission
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Hardware and Functional Description of BSS
  • Radio Frequency(RF) Planing Optimization
  • Wirless Communication System
  • New Generation Network
  • Geographical Information System
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • 3G Enabled Mobile Networks
  • Voice over IP
  • Market and sevice.
  • Wirless Security: GSM AND 3G
  • Beyond 3G: LTE, WIMAx,IMS,4G,Devices and Mobile Web
  • Artificial Intelligence and remote communication
  • Billing and Customer Care
  • Telecommunication regulations